I am a 50 something librarian. As you might guess I like books, but I also like being creative.  I have been doing crafts for more than forty years. I started sewing right after I was married, although not very well. My sewing skills did not develop until my grandmother bought me a good sewing machine. I started sewing clothes for my three daughters, as well as myself. Later, I took up quilting  and I now have a serger and an embroidery sewing machine. Ten years ago I added scrapbooking to my crafting addictions.

My girls are grown and living away from home, I embarked on a new career in 2010 and I am single, living and working in the south.  I am about to move into a house after many years of apartment living, which is part of the reason for this blog. I was to share some of my creative successes with others, as well as lessons I have learned along the way. My new home is going to present some challenges. It was built in the 1940’s and have VERY limited storage space and I have a VERY limited budget, so I am going to have to use my creativity to maximize my storage on a budget and then make this house into my home. I hope that I can share some of my ideas to inspire others.



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