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bathroom organizer

A few months ago, a friend of my daughter’s hosted a baby shower for her. It was in a townhouse in Old Alexandria, Virginia. It was one of those older homes, probably built in the 1930s or 40s with very little storage much like my future home. In the bathroom, to help with the lack of storage Brianne had taken a hanging shoe organizer and filled it with shampoo, hairspray, hairbrushes and all of those other bathroom necessities. I thought what a great idea. Never one to let my creative side go to waste, I decided not go out and purchase on of these hanging organizers at Target or Walmart, I had to take it to the next level. I was going to make one of my own.  These vinyl organizers are great, but after awhile they start to rip.

I have made a variety of organizers through the years. I made a gift wrap organizer for my aunt, who was living in a very small house. When Beanie Babies were the rage I made Beanie Baby organizers and sold them in a craft store. The problem with making these organizers is that you have to use clear vinyl, which is a nightmare to sew. Several years ago, I made a sewing tool caddy which instead of vinyl used flexible window screen for the pockets. So I combined the basic style of the Beanie Baby organizer substituting the screening for the pockets, using bargain decorator fabric I found at Walmart and created my bathroom organizer.

I didn’t use a pattern I took the measurements of my bathroom door, then decided on the length. I cut 2 rectangles from the measurements. One for the front and one for the back, I then cut a piece of cotton batting slightly larger than the rectangles. Layering the three pieces together I diagonally machine quilted the layers. The quilting gives both added strength and stability to the fabric. After finishing the quilting I trimmed the layers then cut several strips of window screen about 5″ wide the same width of the quilted piece and applied a binding on both the top and bottom on the long edges. Place the finished strips on the body of the organizer  at desired spacing. I spaced mine about 6″-7″ apart  stitch the sides and the bottom to the body. When you have completed all rows then stitch from the top to the bottom of each row to form the pockets, be sure to back stitch to securely anchor the pockets. I had random widths of pockets measuring anywhere from 3″ – 6″ .  Once you have created your pockets attach a binding to cover the raw edges.  Then make button holes to hang the organizer. An alternate method to hang the organizer would be to sew a rod pocket on the back, and mount it to a wall or door with a curtain rod.


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